Plants small to medium in size, growing in loose or dense turfs, yellowish green, orange to brownish. Stems simple or branched; hyalodermis undifferentiated, sclerodermis absent or with the outer cells smaller and with thicker-walled, central strand differentiated, sometimes weakly; axillary hairs of hyaline cells. Rhizoids, brownish, smooth. Rhizoidal gemmae sometimes differentiated, spherical to ovoid to elongated, usually multicellular and multistratose, brownish, smooth. Leaves appresed, incurved, or individually twisted when dry, erect-patent to spreading, sometimes reflexed when moist, ovate to lanceolate or elliptic, lingulate, obovate, flat to channelled distally, sometimes concave; base usually not differentiated; lamina unistratose, orange or reddish with KOH; apex rounded to acute, rarely acuminate, apiculate or not, occasionally cucullate; margins plane, rarely recurved, dentate to denticulate near apex or from the apex to the middle or basal third, papillose-crenulate or entire in the rest, sometimes without teeth, bordered, sometimes intramarginally, by short-rectangular to linear cells, usually less papillose or smooth and thicker walls than the rest of the laminal cells, uni- to pluristratose; costa percurrent or excurrent, rarely ending a few cells below the apex; ventral surface cells of the costa mostly short-rectangular, usually not bulging, papillose or smooth; dorsal surface cells of the costa elongate, smooth or papillose; costa in cross-section semicircular, circular or elliptical with guide cells in one to three layers, band of ventral stereids undifferentiated or occasionally weakly differentiated, band of dorsal stereids differentiated, semicircular in shape, with hydroids, dorsal surface cells differentiated, ventral surface cells differentiated, mostly rectangular to quadrate or rounded, disposed in one layer; upper laminal cells quadrate, short-rectangular or hexagonal, smooth or more commonly papillose, usually thin-walled, no or slightly collenchymatous; upper marginal cells oblate, rhomboidal, quadrate or linear, smooth or papillose, usually thick-walled; middle laminal cells quadrate, short-rectangular or hexagonal, smooth or more commonly papillose, usually thin-walled, no or slightly collenchymatous; outer and inner middle marginal cells quadrate, short-rectangular or linear, smooth or papillose, usually thick-walled; basal cells rectangular, inflated, smooth or rarely papillose, hyaline, thin-walled, not collenchymatous; marginal basal cells rectangular to long-rectangular, usually smooth, thin to slight thick-walled. Dioicous or monoicous. Perichaetia terminal; leaves usually slightly enlarged. Seta erect, spirally twisted to right above and to the left below, or to the right throughout, rarely straight, smooth, yellowish to reddish brown. Capsule erect, stegocarpous, immersed to exserted; theca cylindrical, orange to reddish brown; exothecial cells rectangular to polygonal, thin to thick-walled; stomata at theca base, phaneroporous; annulus of 1-3 rows of vesiculose or rounded cells, usually persistent; peristome undifferentiated or formed of 16 or 32 filamentous, sometimes cleft and anastomosed, papillose, spirally twisted or straight teeth, yellowish to orange; basal membrane undifferentiated, vestigial or differentiated, papillose, yellowish to orange or brownish. Operculum long-conical, rostrate to rostelate, occasionally systylius, with spirally twisted or straight cells, orange to reddish brown. Calyptra cucullate to mitrate, smooth, rarely papillose, yellowish brown, naked. Spores spherical, verrucose to granulate, yellowish to brownish.


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